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Contrada San Luigi, 108 - 60131 Gallignano, Ancona - Marche IT +39 348 7519407

Environmental sustainability

We are committed environmentalists who are always sensitive to the problems connected to pollution so we always strive to be as echo friendly as possible. The use of natural materials and renewable energy coupled with the implementation of traditional methods have been the leitmotiv of our project. Daily contact with the local farmers who share their invaluable knowledge and experience also in the use of medical herbs remains at the heart of our farm holiday philosophy as it was when we first started the Antigo Granaro. We are proud to offer high quality produce grown inside our farm through natural methods. In our fruit and olive orchard we have also replanted some old autochthonous plants. Fillippo’s kitchen is constantly supplied with its very own in-house ingredients beside those which he selects personally from the best local producers. Quality control allows him bring top quality food to his table, a crucial factor if one wants to rediscover traditional flavours and smells from the past. Home-made meals, breads, marmalades, jams, chutneys and cakes will stimulate your senses up with delicate yet sophisticated flavours and textures.

To protect the environment and everyone’s health:

Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal


Swimming Pool chlorine-free

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Organic Soap, Shampoo and Shower gel

Separate waste collection

Waste water treatment and reuse

Organic fertilizers for garden cultivation

Rainwater recovery

Homemade mineral and sparkling water

No-smoking structure with reserved smoking corner

Built with green building

Organic and 0Km food