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Environmental Sustainability

Filippo and Hèlène have always been respectful of the environment and particularly sensitive to any issue related to exploitation and pollution. Hence, the couple’s goal was to make Antigo Granaro superior farmhouse as sustainable as possible. The use of natural materials and renewable energy, along with the respect for tradition, were the cornerstones of the rebuild project. The daily contact with local farmers and their processing techniques helped the couple throughout the whole restoration process of the farmhouse, to the point that they managed to take back to life a fruit garden, an olive grove, and a vegetable garden with ancient native plants. Filippo’s kitchen is constantly supplied with genuine raw materials, grown onsite or at nearby farms following natural techniques. Therefore, guests can taste delicious traditional Marche dishes freshly made by Filippo using only selected 0-km raw materials. Not surprisingly, Filippo’s cuisine has the gift of reminiscing traditional scents and flavors from the past that are now forgotten. The bread, jams, desserts, and other homemade recipes will awaken the five senses with refined tastes and textures.

Protecting the environment and people’s health:

Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal System


RO filtration pool (chlorine-free)

Biodegradable cleaning products

Organic soap, shampoo, and shower gel

Separate waste collection

Wastewater treatment and reuse

Organic fertilizers

Rainwater collection system

Homemade still and sparkling water

No-smoking facility, with a separate smoking area

Built with Bio building techniques

Organic 0-km food

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